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Peperomia Plant Care and Growing Guide.

Nov 14, The primary cause of Elephant Bush losing leaves is overwatering. Too much water prevents pant to get enough oxygen, which encourages fungal rot diseases. The first sign of overwatering is swollen and discolored leaves. If you spot these changes in your Elephant Bush, simply replant it in fresh soil and remove any rotten bushleaning.buzzted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Jul 31, The elephant bush does best in areas within hardiness zones 10 and South Africa is where the elephant bush comes from. If you grow it the right way, the leaves of the elephant plant can be a tasty ingredient. The drought and soak method is the best way to Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

Special Order Colors: 8 weeks - this is due to the planter being custom made with the color s of your choice.

Dec 17, Leaf Drop on an Elephant Bush. Indigenous to South Africa, the elephant bush (Portulacaria afra), also called elephant food and miniature. Watering “Elephant Bush” has typical watering needs for a succulent. It's best to use the “soak and dry” method, and allow the soil to dry out completely between bushleaning.buzzacaria afra needs less frequent watering during its dormancy period. Because the leaves on Portulacaria afra are so thin, it can handle more frequent waterings than other succulents.

Apr 13, Elephant Bush Succulents. Elephant bush plant may get 6 to 20 feet ( m.) tall in habitat where it is a favorite food of elephants. In the home interior, it is much more likely to remain just a few feet (around 1 m.) tall. The bush has thick succulent brown stems with small tender green leaves that resemble a diminutive jade plant. This drought-tolerant jade plant look-alike has unusual reddish-brown stems that contrast beautifully with the glossy, rounded, variegated, ¾-inch fleshy leaves.

It is a slow grower, but as the stems mature they thicken so the plant takes on an old appearance even when young.

Elephant bush has a somewhat sprawling/cascading habit, making it well suited to growing in a hanging basket. Portulacaria Afra Elephant Bush Mammoth. The Mammoth Elephant Bush has large leaves almost 2 times the size of the regular Portulacaria Afra.

The leaves when old are not too shiny compared to the newly sprouted leaves. The stems are very similar to the regular Elephant Bush. This is a recent addition to our collection.

And for the inside potted plants, basic potting soil or cactus soil would suffice as the soil mix.

Help! I have a portulacaria afra (elephant bush) bonsai dropping leaves! I live in Missouri and this is the first winter I've had this bonsai. It's been dropping leaves ever since I moved it inside but I'm afraid it won't make it back to spring. I have it in front of a large east-facing window (best I can do) and its far enough away from the.