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Sep 01, OPEN-FACE DIRECTIONA­L FELLING NOTCH, 70° - 1. The initial step is a felling notch with an extremely shallow angle. The first downward sloping cut is about 70 degrees. 2. Next comes the horizontal cut, which drops out the wedge of wood. Open face notch, aiming with bottom cut Open face notch with large opening angle Humboldt cut or inverse notch The main differences between these methods are the opening angle, the order in which you make the cuts, and where you make the felling cut.

Below is a quick guide to the four methods. GUIDE Directional notches 1. Open face. Oct 26, I took an arbormaster felling class, they taught it was best to make your notch big enough so that it would not close before the tree hits the ground. This way the tree would stay attached to the stump for the greatest amount of safety and control. When would you prefer a convetional notch to an open faced notch?Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

The Following are Simple Steps to Help You Cut a More Open Faced Notch: Make the top cut first. Cut downward until the length or width of the cut is 80 percent of the diameter of the tree trunk. Then cut the undercut up to and even with the final position of the top cut, it is important the two cuts meet evenly and cleanly with no by-pass or. Sep 01, THE OPEN-FACE DIRECTIONA­L FELLING NOTCH - When people first stopped felling trees with axes and turned to chainsaws, they kept using the same technique: basically, making a degree notch on the side of the tree toward which they wanted it to fall, then making a level cut from the back of the tree.

Called the back cut, this is an. Nov 27, When felling a tree, always start by making a directional notch (also known as a face cut) on the side of the tree where you want it to fall. This allows you to control the direction of the fall – essential to avoiding accidents and injury to you and anyone bushleaning.buzzd Reading Time: 6 mins. This necessity of how to fell a tree, good tree selection, inspection, work location, and tree felling technique are discussed in the article.

A multi-step procedure that begins with the construction of an open-faced notch in the trunk is the most frequent method for falling a tree. Prepare the felling area by clearing debris and obstacles from the base of the tree, establishing an escape route, and eliminating potential hazards. Cut a notch using the “open face” or “undercut” method as described in the OSHA Logging Standard 29 cfr (g) (2) (iii), making the selection based on tree species, size, lean.

This approach is used when the tree is in a tight corner. Tight spots make it harder to angle your notch opening and therefore require a high level of accuracy. This approach requires a lot more time but is the most secure method out of the three mentioned here.

May have their branches tied up together.

An open-faced notch is when the arborist makes a wide sideways “V” cut. Here the starting point Tree Cutting Service in Carlotta, California. About See All. A conventional notch is a directional felling cut into the side of a tree, facing the intended direction of fall and consisting of a horizontal face cut and an angle cut above it, creating a notch of approximately 45 degrees. Other back-cutting techniques may be required for.

Humboldt cut or inverse notch.